Sibylink offers value across three distinct but interlinked areas:

  • Providing answers you need to questions (Consultancy & Research)

  • Creating out-of-the-box solutions to facilitate preferred outcomes (Development)

  • Coaching to ensure preferred outcomes are understood and maintained (Training)

These services can be selected either individually or bundled as part of a package.

Consultancy & Research

Need answers? Do you require an understanding of trends and critical changes that may affect your business or planning? Or perhaps you need someone who can define complex issues and render them into more easily understandable and concise formats?

Sibylink's consultancy and research uses traditional forms of communication (eg. written reports) as well as newer methods-- such as forecasting tournaments, videos, infographics, etc.--to deliver better and more accurate strategic information. A vast international contact network aids Sibylink's capacity and reach. It also informs the quality of Sibylink forecasting, proven to consistently identify the patterns and trends that matter earlier than others. Founded by Good Judgment Project Superforecaster Regina Joseph, Sibylink offers foresight vetted and scored as consistently superior.


Sibylink's strategic forecasting and research red-teams and identifies planning risks and flaws. Sometimes, mitigation can be achieved through innovative communications strategies or software applications. Sibylink's creative direction and technical production experience can custom-engineer tangible solutions. Sibylink has created  several tools and methods for forecasting and analysis to aid organizations in critical decision-making, such as NEUERTM.


Depending on individual requirements, some development needs can be performed entirely by Sibylink in-house. In the case of larger projects, Sibylink can assemble ad hoc teams from a network of engineers, artists, programmers & producers.


Sibylink devises custom training programs, teaching and e-learning modules for diplomatic, academic, law enforcement and sporting professionals.  Coursework can be delivered via seminars, workshops and coaching sessions. The value of Sibylink's training is reflected in consistently high evaluation ratings, typically citing the direct applicability of lessons learned. SIbylink's training programs are in use at such organizations  as the OSCE, the government of The Netherlands, and New York University.



If you or your staff requires a customized training program, whether delivered in person or via an e-learning platform, contact Sibylink to find out more.

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