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Foresight & Analysis
Superforecasting, scenarios and risk assessments from Regina Joseph - a Good Judgment superforecaster

One of the original150 Superforecasters: top 1% of most accurate geopolitical forecasters in the Good Judgment Project. Sibylink has delivered risk assessments, analysis & tools for both public and private sectors.

Product Development
Superforecasting , scenarios, and digital application development from Regina Joseph -a Good Judgment Superforecaster

Targeted digital media development and solutions flow from foresight research; with a 25+ year proven track record of product development & branding/identity initiatives, Sibylink can deliver bespoke solutions.

Training & Workshops
Superforecasting, Scenario workshops, training in futures forecasting, education programs in futures methodology from Regina Joseph - a Good Judgment Superforecaster

Sibylink delivers workshops, seminars and courses on forecasting techniques, strategic foresight and risk analysis. Attendees have included representatives from government, law enforcement, military, civil society & enterprise.